Airtel Reducing it's 3G coverage area

It seems that when general telecom networks are trying to expand their connectivity and data services, Airtel appears to be going in the other direction, as well as the part of growth strategy they seem to be looking only towards feedback and no complaints. By default they take all the users concerns as feedback which ..

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Network 18 Group acquires stake in ETV group channels for ..

Network 18 Group has received the clearance from the Regulatory authority for the Rs 2,053 crore ..

RBI withdraw pre 2005 currency notes

The currency noted issues before 2005 will be withdrawn from circulation by RBI.Reserve Bank of ..

Tata Motors new local made petrol engine - 1.2 Litre ..

TATA motors a subsidiary of TATA group, has announced the new 1.2 petrol engine, the first to be ..

TCS sets up new software business unit

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced on Tuesday that it has set up a new business unit.In a ..

Google acquired a Bengaluru based cyber security firm

Impermium a Bengaluru based company was acquired by Google for $9 million. Impermium is cyber ..

The great Indian air fare war fare cut as much as 50%

The peak travel season coming to an end, The Indian airlines triggered a fare war with offers of ..

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