Microsoft made a better YouTube search ..

YouTube might never be dethroned as the king of online video, but Microsoft has just made a compelling case for visiting Bing before you watch anything on YouTube.Microsoft gave a much-needed makeover to its Bing video search feature this week, and the final product is pretty good. It features larger, easier-to-identify ..

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Jaguar wants to monitor its drivers' brainwaves, heart ..

A future Jaguar could monitor your brain, detect your health, and predict your actions. It sounds ..

Drones could make Amazon’s dream of free delivery profitable

Prime Air could be a powerful lure for consumers and a potential source of profits By Ben Popper ..

Intel admits USB-C is the connector of the future by ..

With Apple and Google both warmly embracing the new USB-C connector in their new computers this ..

Satya Nadella named Microsoft's next CEO replacing Ballmer

It’s official, Satya Nadella is replacing Steve Ballmer as its CEO,  Nadella is only the thirs CEO ..

Munich ditch Microsoft to favour Open Source Alternatives

The breakup with Microsoft will not be easy, but the city of Munich has opted the touch decision to ..

Popular File Sharing Site The Pirate Bay Evades Authorities ..

The Pirate Bay has once again switched to a new domain name again in the matter of days, from ..

Pirate Bay relocates to a new domain

One of the most popular file sharing site The Pirate Bay, one more time sucessfuly thwarted the ..

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