Bangalore, Woman brutally attacked in an ATM in daylight.

By Super Admin(Citizen Reporter)
Last modified on 11/20/2013 10:03:39 PM

A middle aged Woman was brutally attacked in an ATM in the heart of the Bangalore on Tuesday. The woman was undergoing treatment in the hospital and her situation was critical with multiple skull injuries.

The victim is a Manager at Corporation Bank

The Attack:

CCTV Footage of the incident

It was early in the morning on Tuesday around 7AM, the middle aged lady enter the ATM who is immediately followed by a well-dressed man with a bag enters the ATM and downs the ATM shutter and grabs the lady by neck and pushes her against the wall pulls out a gun from the bag and threatens the lady to be silent and pulls a sickle and asking her to withdraw.

The Woman keeps resisting and keeping all possible efforts to escape, until one point when the Law offender grabs the woman by neck and pushes her to a corner and mercilessly attacks the lady with the sickle multiple times on head and face and not stop until the victim falls unconscious. 

The assailant appears to be in no hurry to escape. He relaxedly cleans the blood on the assault weapon and hands. Keeps the weapon in his bag and grabs the valet and mobile from the victim and pulled the shutter down before fleeing from the crime scene.

The victim is admitted to hospital with severe injuries. It’s still not clear on the untouched Jewellery of the women. Watch the complete crime act caught on the ATM camera.

Police said they have obtained the CCTV footage from the ATM and are investigating the matter.

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