No sense parking by civilised people

By Pavan Kumar(Citizen Reporter)
Last modified on 1/2/2014 8:42:57 PM
Residential areas frequently suffer from problems caused by street parking. This can take the form of cars, bikes parked on the road getting in the way of other drivers, cars parked on the road causing others to have to swerve around parked cars (can be dangerous especially for less confident motorists) or cars parked on the pavements (side-walks) causing nuisance and danger for pedestrians.

It is found in many of the posh localities that the cars are being parked on both the sides of the lane, making things worse. There should be a law enforcing only people with proper parking space or some kind of parking lease form public parking locations to be able to buy a car. many people even buy more than one car with no parking space for even one. The systems has to be more effective in handling such encroachments, basically due to lack of such system the respect towards to the law and rules has diminished. 

The image above show the careless attitude of the citizens where you can see a car parked carelessly in front of the no parking board. This shows the blatant attitude of the car owner toward the law. Unless there is tough action with heavy penalties and stricter rules, There is no end to such public inconveniences.
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