Shocking: Scientists Find Fluoridated Water Causes Hypothyroidism, Weight Gain, AND Depression

By Saiteja Samala(Citizen Reporter)
Last modified on 5/6/2015 11:05:45 AM

Fluoride is toxic, and now we have science to back it up! All of your problems could be in your tap water…

High levels of fluoride are known to cause neurotoxicity in adults, and negative impacts on memory and learning have been reported in rodent studies, but little is known about the substance’s impact on children’s neurodevelopment. In a meta-analysis, researchers from Harvard and China Medical University in Shenyang for the first time they combined 27 studies and found strong indication that fluoride may affect cognitive development in children. The authors say that this risk shouldn’t be ignored and that more research on fluoride’s impact on the developing brain is warranted.

New research was published in The Lancet by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Ichan school found that different chemicals that children are exposed to are having a direct effect on the creation of disorders labelled under the name ADHD, as well as other mental disorders. One of the chemicals said to be having an is fluoride or variations of fluoride. Governments have been performing artificial fluoridation for a number of years regardless of the lack of effectiveness it has in preventing tooth decay.

The research began in 2006 when they looked at the effects of various chemicals on neuro-development. The research has continued with an analysis of more industrial chemicals including fluoride. 27 additional studies, including one that linked fluoride to the lowering of IQ scores in children, they nearly illustrated the fact that fluoride is detrimental to brain development and can lead to autism spectrum disorders and other mental issues. “A silent epidemic” and most health authorities continue to turn a blind eye to the issue.

Phillippe Grandjean from HSPH and Phillip Landrigan, the two main researchers involved in the study, agreed that the reason for increase in incidences of chemical-related neuro-development disorders are due to the increasing number of untested chemicals that are being approved without proper testing. The public is not being told what the dangers are and is causing many perform independent research to find for themselves.

“Since 2006, the number of chemicals known to damage the human brain more generally, but that are not regulated to protect children’s health, had increased from 202 to 214,” writes Julia Medew for The Sydney Morning Herald. “The pair said this could be the tip of the iceberg because the vast majority of the more than 80,000 industrial chemicals widely used in the United States have never been tested for their toxic effects on the developing fetus or child.”

Researchers have collected data from 99% of Englands general medical practives and found that locations with fluoridated water were 30% more likely to have high levels of hypothyroidism! This is compared to low levels of the chemicals in the water.

If you choose to use fluoride toothpaste or get a fluoridated treatment at the dentist, there are two things should be done first:

  1. You need to be taught the effects of fluoride and the damage it causes to your body.
  2. Water fluoridation needs to be stopped immediately because it causes nothing more than a legal way for chemical companies to get rid of toxins while profiting. This chemicals accumulates in the body over time, even though the amounts are being ingested might be small each time, they build up over the years.

Research has found that fluoride affects normal endocrine function, which causes kidney disease, bone weakness, dental fluorosis, cancer, lower IQ, calcification of the pineal gland, arthritis, immune deficiencies, skeletal fluorosis and much more. “The problem is international in scope, and the solution must therefore also be international,” stated Grandjean in a press release. “We have methods in place to test industrial chemicals for harmful effects on children’s brain development – now is the time to make that testing mandatory.”

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