The 8 Minute Surgery That Will Give You Superhuman Vision. Forever

By Saiteja Samala(Citizen Reporter)
Last modified on 7/21/2015 5:33:28 AM
Did you know that there is name bionic eye lens in development? This is supposed to be capable of giving a person 3x 20/20 vision at any age. This lens is called the Ocumetics Bionic Lens and it was developed by Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist in British Columbia who was looking for a way to give people good eye sight no matter their health or age. With these lens patients would have perfect vision preventing them from needing driving glasses, progressive lenses, and contacts altogether. No one will be using them once this new lens is official. Another plus is that people who get this new lens surgically inserted will never get cataracts because the lens itself replaces that of their natural eye that decays over time. Webb has also said that anyone who is over the age of 25 is ideal for this surgery because that is the point where the eye is fully developed. With this lens one who cannot even see a clock ten feet away will be able to see and read things entirely at even thirty feet away. This lens is going to be custom made for each person then folded like a taco sort of inside a saline-filled syringe and then placed in your eyes these lenses unravel themselves within ten seconds. Painless Surgery This surgery is said to be done in less than ten minutes and immediately fixes one’s vision. This has been in the works and under development for the past eight years. Costing a whopping three million dollars so far. Webb wants to free himself and everyone else from corrective lenses. Trials Pending tests on animals and blind human eyes are underway; It has been said that these Bionic lenses will most likely be available in about two years. What do you think about Bionic Lens? Are they a good thing or a bad thing? Source: 3.0k62100 You have our permission to reprint this article via creative commons license if you attribute us with a live backlink to this article. - Organic Health
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